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Welcome to my homepage! This is where we eat,breathe, and of course Race PONTIACS.

Johnta1 bracket races a 1970 Firebird in Super Pro.Starting this year he will be racing a Pontiac Powered Dragster.
Julsta1 races a 1970 TA in Pro and also Powder Puff.
Jeff races a Jr. Dragster at our track because he's not old enuff to drive one of our Birds yet.


My family and I went down to Jim Butler's Pontiac Nationals race on Memorial Day weekend.It was great to see just PONTIACS everywhere. The best part was that I PLACED SECOND! On July 4th at our track (Coles County Dragway) I won 1st place!


I just went to Jim Butler's Pontiac Nationals.
My car ran a best of 5.10 at over 133 mph!
I qualified in the Quick 4 on Saturday's regular program.I went three rounds.
On Sunday of the Pure Pontiac race,I placed 5th!

Update! July 30,1999
On July 24 I Qualified in the Quick 8 at our track (Coles County Dragway).I ran a best of 5.14 at 132 mph in the race.But the best part is I won!!!I was the only vehicle that wasn't running NOS (nitrous oxide), or a blower.Plus the only Pontiac powered dragster there.

Check out the results at whowon.com

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